Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box


    late 19th century

    Silver, steel, brass; chasing, stamping, champleve enamel

    8.1 х 5.9 х 2.7 cm, 385 gr


    Silver gilded music box in the form of a casket with a hinged top lid. The case is decorated with coloured enamel images of branches with flowers on a stamped field, imitating a guilloche. An imitation of guilloche is on the bottom surface. A mounting plate with the windows for a spring drum and a program cylinder, openwork slots in the form of branches and a lodgement for a winding key are under the lid. A sound comb and windmill - the stabilizer of the rotation speed of the cylinder are seen through the slots. The arrow near the drum shows the direction of the spring winding. The movement is activated by a button in the form of one of the flowers on the front side of the case. The key is with a shaped gold-plated grip.