Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music purse-shaped snuffbox

    Music purse-shaped snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneva


    Gold, brass, steel, enamel; champleve enamel, engraving, polishing, presswork

    6.4 х 3.7 х 1.0 cm, 81 g

    Illegible hallmarks in vertical lozenges


     Golden purse-shaped music snuffbox with a hinged shaped lid and chasing imitating sewing through. The surfaces of the case and lid are guilloched in the form of concentric circles and framed by dark blue champleve enamel floral border. A lever for switching on the music movement is on the front panel. An aperture for the spring winding is in the bottom panel. A polished inside compartment for tobacco with three illegible hallmarks is under the lid. The music movement "sur-plateau" consists of a spring motor, a flat program disk with pins and steel sound tongues.