Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneva

    circa 1815

    Jean-Georges Remond & Company

    Gold, enamel, steel, brass; champleve enamel, engraving, polishing, chasing

    8.5 х 4.8 х 2 сm, 234 g

    Master's marks in horizontal lozenge: IGRC


    Gold rectangular music snuffbox with rounded ribs and a hinged lid. The guilloched field in the form of concentric circles is framed by a curb with vases, amphorae and rosettes of blue champlev? enamel is on the lid. A tobacco compartment with two hallmarks is under the lid on the left. A music movement is covered with a panel with a framed guilloche surface with a lozenge in its center. It is covered with a guilloche in the form of part of the sun disc and sun rays. A chased leafy ornament with elements of champlev? enamel on the repousse surface is on the ribs. The guilloched field in the form of framed concentric circles with the elements of a champlev? enamel on the repousse background is on the side and bottom surfaces. The spring winging pin is in the right corner of the bottom panel. A button for turning on the music movement is on the rear side. A music movement with a brass program cylinder with pins and a steel sound comb. Key with a twisted neck, a grip with a swivel ring and a square cross-section rod.