Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox with still-life painting

    Music snuffbox with still-life painting

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1825

    Jean-Georges Remond & Company

    Gold, steel, brass; guilloche, engraving, polishing, champleve enamel, painted enamel, enamel over guilloche

    2.5 х 8.2 х 5.0 cm, 278 g

    Master's mark on the lid inner side: “·R·” in oval; Geneva hallmark “G”; on the key number "3"


    Gold and enamel rectangular music snuffbox, with rounded vertical ribs and a hinged lid. A multicoloured enamel bouquet of flowers and fruit is on the lid. A border of champlev? enamel gold leaves, red shells and blue cones on the turquoise-coloured background frames it. The inner surface is mirror polished, with the hallmarks and a label with inscriptions. Multi-coloured enamel sides centered by panels of translucent green enamel decorated with gold paillons, the bottom with a sunburst; the back with start button, the front with lever for tune selection; the rear side with a starting button, the bottom - with an aperture for a spring winding. Music movement for two tunes, with a spring mechanism, programe cylinder and a steel sound comb. A key grip is in the form of a ring and an oval with a hexagonal plate between them and the number "3". A rod with a square cross section.