Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Western Europe

    the 19th century

    Silver, pearl, quartz, amethyst, steel, brass; engraving, gem stones setting, casting, chasing, enamel

    11.5 х 7.1 х 10.4 cm, 718 gr


    Music box in rectangular case, made of gilded silver. The upper and lower panels are fastened at the corners by vertical cylindrical columns, with side surface engraving imitating wood surface. The columns are integral with rounded feet. The lateral surfaces are decorated with engraved floral ornaments, covered with transparent light blue enamel. The engraved medallions with agate cabochons are inserted in the oval windows in the facade center and rear side. The artistic composition is on the top engraved surface. It is comprised of: white and red enamel flowers with a pearl in the center, plants with green enamelled speary leaves, pearls on the stems, a hill of white quartz stones in a wide frame, a basket with flowers and leaves, a boarded fence on columns along the back side and a cast gold-plated figure of a boy playing the flute. One of the flowers serves as a switch for the musical movement. An aperture for the musical movement winding and a key in special clips, with openwork engraved grip are on the bottom panel that is decorated with complicated engraved ornament.