Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Harp-shaped box with watch insert

    Harp-shaped box with watch insert

    Austria, Vienna


    Josef Weichberger (?)

    Gold, diamonds, Lapis Lazuli, brass, steel; engraving, guilloche, champlevé enamel, painted enamel, gem stones setting, chasing

    Height 9.1 cm

    Illegible maker's mark; Vienna mark for gold: "A" in octagon


    Golden box in the form of a miniature harp with clock insert consists of a base on the figured feet, a resonator case, a curved neck with tuning pins and engraved floral ornament, twenty-six strings and a vertical bar. The base is in the form of a cylinder, the lateral surface is decorated with stems with leaves and flowers of stylized snowdrops over the red transparent enamel. Curved grid is on the upper panel. The master’s mark and the golden mark of Vienna are on the bottom panel.
    The base is reclining and opening a watch with white enamel dial and hours’ designation with Roman numbers Breguet hands from steel and an aperture for the spring winding. Movement with a fuse and verge escapement. The image of branches with champlevé enamel golden leaves and flowers of white, yellow and blue colors over red transparent enamel guilloche background is on the front panel. The laurel branches surrounding the opened note book are beneath, a pin for opening the watch is to the left. The images of dancing maidens with lyres and winged Putti with garlands of flowers are on the sound board. The bottom of the bar is decorated with red enamel relief leaves and blue enamel elements. The top of the bar is made of lapis lazuli, decorated with rows of leaves: the lower one - with diamonds, the upper one is of blue enamel on the red background. The top of the bar is hexagonal with three petals white enamel flowers on red enamel background. The box is stored together with the item 6055/A70 in gray velvet case with metal clasp.