Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Austria, Vienna

    circa 1875

    Jean-Georges Remond & Company

    Silver, steel, brass, lapis lazuli; engraving, gilding, chasing, champleve enamel, enamel over engraving

    Diameter 12 cm, height 9.8 cm, 705 gr

    Bottom rim with dog's head silver mark for Vienna 1872 and master’s mark "KR"


    Chocolate box with music movement in silver polychrome Champleve enamel and lapis lazuli case. Bun shape, four disc feet with polychrome enamelling. Sides and lid very finely engraved with floral and geometric pattern, polychrome and translucid enamelling. Sides are decorated with four three-dimensional rams’ heads, hinged lid with a ball-shaped lapis lazuli knob. Gilt inner lid with elaborate engraved strapwork. Music movement is brass, pinned barrel with 30 tuned vibrating plates, governor.