Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Vanity case (necessaire de voyage) with automaton

    Vanity case (necessaire de voyage) with automaton

    Germany, Hanau ?

    the 19th century

    Gold, pearls, steel, brass; painted enamel, champlevé enamel, gem stones setting

    Height 8.3 cm; width 2.9 cm; depth 1.6 cm, 72 g

    Hallmark in the form of a circle, figure "3" inside it; Master's mark : "HN" under five-pointed star.

    Golden toiletries case with music movement of a quadrangular shape tapering to the base. It consists of a body and a hinged lid with protrusions decorated with pearls. The surface of the case under the lid is mirror-polished, with hallmarks and cavities on the horizontal surface, in which miniature objects are placed: a bottle with a close fitting stopper, a pencil, ears-cleaning device in the form of a spoon and a winding key. The case front and back sides are decorated with alternating strips: gold with engraving and blue enamel enamel. The engraved monograms "AGN" and "ATGN" are on the polished panels in the octagonal frame. The engraved ornament in the form of vases, garlands and leaves on blue enamel background is on the lid upper side and case sides. A pearl button opening the lid is on the right; a lever for the music movement activating is to the left. A winding hole is seen e bottom of the case body is shifted. Music movement with spring, program cylinder and sound comb. A winding key with cylindrical grip and a rod with a square cross-section. Gold vanity cases with personal items decorated with enamel, engraving, precious and semiprecious stones were very popular among the nobility in the 18-19th centuries as gifts and emphasized the status of the owner.