Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Palais Royale clam shaped music necessaire for needlework

    Palais Royale clam shaped music necessaire for needlework

    France, Paris

    early 19th century

    Gold, bronze, steel, glass, mother of pearl, brass, velvet, mirror; gilding, engraving, chasing, presswork

    18.4 х 15.8 х 6.0 cm, 972 g

    Parisian hallmark in the form of a cock's head is on the case for needles


    Necessaire for needlework in bronze gilt body in the shape of a shell with a massive lid. The upper pearl lid surface is decorated with carving and engraving combined with forget-me-nots of small turquoise cabochons. The lateral surface is decorated with chased and engraved ornamentation: a floral motif is on the lid, the repeating images of two swans near the fountain and vases with flowers are on the body. The body stands on three cast lion's paws with wings. A key hole and two levers with balls at the ends for the music movement management with a cylinder for two tunes and a sound comb, comprised of three reeds’ sections are on the bottom side. Fringed with braid mirror is inserted in the lid from the inside. is A tray covered with sand colour velvet, with figured lodgments, in which gold and pearl accessories for needlework are stored is under the lid. Stiletto, gold needle case marked Paris, gold bodkin, gold thimble, scent bottle, four mother-of -pearl winders, two reels and a four piece hinged mother-of-pearl ruler and tambour hook are inside.