Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box



    Bois durci, brass, steel, horn; presswork, polishing, painting

    9.7 х 6.1 х 3.5 cm, 334 g

    On the label “MUSIQUE A 2 AIRS 1. Yreyschuts 2. Petit Oiseau”. On the key grip: “I/O” And an ace of spades with a letter “P”


    Music box in "Bois de Boeuf" of rectangular form , with a hinged lid and lock, with a fine hand-painted hunting scene of two horsemen with hounds in a landscape. The French key winded movement with mother-of-pearl buttons for start stop and tune change. A paper label with typed and hand written inscriptions on the lid inner side: “Musique. A 2 airs 1. Treyschuts 2. Petit Oiseau”. Two buttons from mother-of-pearl: turning on/off the music movement, switching tunes and two screw heads are on the front panel. An aperture for the spring winding is in the bottom panel that is decorated with a pressed pattern that imitates guilloche. The music movement for two tunes, covered with a translucent material of yellowish colour, consists of a spring motor, a program cylinder with pins and a steel sound comb. A steel key with an oval grip and a cylindrical square cross-section rod. Bois durci ("Bois de Boeuf") is a solid, well-polished composition derived from wood flour and bovine blood, processed with steam and pressed, patented by the French songwriter Franсois Charles Le Page in 1855 and used to substitute wood, ivory, leather, metal and other plastic materials in household goods manufacturing.