Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Snuffbox with automaton

    Snuffbox with automaton

    France, Paris


    Lemaire Nicolas-Constant, Héguin Augustin-André

    Gold, brass, steel; chasing, engraving, painted enamel, repousse

    72 x 55 х 35 mm

    The manufacturer's of the corps of Augustin-André Héguin hallmark, the farmer Henri Clavel hallmark, the Parisian letter mark of 1784-85, "N-C. Le Maire» is scratched on the movement


    Oval gold snuffbox with two hinged lids. Oval chased images made of overlaid gold of different colours are in the center of the top and bottom covers. The images are surrounded by a threefold chased frame and are on a guilloche field. There is a chased curb with floral ornament along the lids perimeters. A landscape with a boat and a traveller in the foreground and antique ruins on the back is on the top lid. Landscape with a boat in the foreground and a tree, a stone bridge, houses and a turret in the back on the repousse background is on the bottom lid. The side surface of the snuffbox is decorated with four guilloche panels in a smooth rectangular frame, surrounded by an onlay chased floral ornament. Polished compartment for tobacco is under the top lid. An automaton with a frivolous scene in the interior, decorated with garlands of flowers and musical instruments is under the bottom lid.