Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Moulinie, Bautte & Co

    Gold, gold, brass, steel; guilloche, polishing, chasing

    8.3 х 4.5 х 1.5 cm, 141 gr

    Number inside the case: "1333", master's marks: M.B.&C. (1804-1808). Marks for gold on welt in vertical lozenge: eagle, running cock, number 3, right palm with two put together fingers


    Golden music rectangular snuffbox of curved shape with two lids of different sizes. Music movement with an aperture for the spring winding over guilloche field is under the right smaller lid. Polished inside compartment for tobacco with three hallmarks is under the left lid. Guilloched field in the form of concentric circles in a frame with chased floral ornament on the repousse background is on both lids, lateral sides and bottom. The lids' lateral sides are ornated with geometric ornament. Music movement activating button is on the right side. Music movement with brass program cylinder with pins and sound steel comb. A key with a curved neck, grip with a swivel ring and a rod with a square cross- section. The company Moulinie, Bautte & Co was formed on October 1, 1804 after merging with Moulinie & Bautte, which had been existing since August 1, 1793 and existed with that name until 1808.