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Snuffbox with watch insert

    Snuffbox with watch insert

    Great Britain, London (?)

    circa 1760

    Garrett William

    Gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, brass, steel, glass; engraving, casting, gems setting

    4.3 х 7.2 х 5.9 cm, 200 g

    Two hallmarks in the form of eagle heads - on he left inner side. 'William Garrett, London' - on the watch movement


    Snuffbox of the era of the King George III in a rectangular cast case with a hinged upper lid. Openwork vignettes of different shapes and sizes in the rococo style with the inserted plates of dendritic agate are on all sides. The cast ornament is finished by chasing and engraving. A dial with black Roman numbers on a white enamel dial is in the center of the front side. The dial is covered with a glass lid in the rim of small garnets of rectangular cut. A volumetric onlay with diamonds, rubies and emeralds inserts is in the center of the lid inner surface. On the inside of the lid is A monochromatic painted miniature depicting two lovers and a girl, hiding behind a tree is on the inner side of the lid. The inner surface of the snuffbox is mirror-polished.