Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Snuffbox with automaton

    Snuffbox with automaton

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Guidon Remond Gide & Co. J. Rich London & Geneva (?)

    Gold, brass, steel, steel; painted enamel, enamel over guilloche, engraving

    Height 3 cm; width 8.9 cm; depth 5.9 cm, 240 g

    Master's mark: "G▪G"


    Gold oval snuffbox with two hinged lids. The upper one has a hallmark on the inner surface. It gives access to the polished compartment for snuff tobacco. The lower one gives access to the music movement. The upper lid is with an enamelled Arcadian scene with two young lovers tending cattle by a lake with a hilltop village and bridge in the background, within a black and white geometric border with engraved scallop shells, the sides with dark blue guilloché enamel panels within scallop shell borders. Inserts of dark blue enamel over guilloche are on the case side surfaces. An image of a changed caduceus is between them: wings and snakes wrapping a white enamel sword with a handle in the form of a horse's head framed by an engraved floral ornament. An oval field of dark blue enamel over guilloche in the frame of black and white enamel with engraved scallops is on the lower lid. A musical movement with a carillon of six bells and hammers of steel, a cylinder with pin and a spring mechanism are under the lid. A pin for the spring winding is to the right, a starting lever is below. A movement winding key with a grip, comprised of a ring and oval with a hexagonal plate with the number "7" is between them and a cylindrical rod with a square section channel.