Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Box with automaton

    Box with automaton



    Silver, metal, ivory; guilloche, casting, chasing

    8 х 6 х 2.4 cm, 188.3 gr

    Marks: 1 - in the form of a dog head "3" and the letter «H» (Bregenz) in a stretched hexagon; 2 - letter "K" in the parallelogram

    Box in silver case with convex sides, decorated with ornaments of acanthus leaves and fruits. A hinged upper lid with latch in the form of two snakes is decorated with rectangular guilloched surface in the chased floral ornamented frame. Hallmarks are on the lid inner surface. A keyhole is in the bottom. An automaton with a frivolous hunting scene and a button for activating the movement are fixed on the ivory plate. According to the mark in the form of a dog's head it is determined that the box was made of silver assay 800; sampled in Bregenz, Austria, in the period from 1872 to 1922.