Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox with automaton

    Music snuffbox with automaton

    Circa 1810

    Pink gold, silver, bronze, steel; punch work, engraving, gem stones setting, polychrome enamel painting, champleve enamel


    Oval snuffbox with a hinged lid. Top, bottom and side panels are decorated with enamel images of flower bouquets and garlands on the light-blue background and ornament based on white-and-gold shamrocks on transparent red background. An oval aperture, in which an automaton is inserted is in the top panel center. The automaton is closed by a hinged oval lid with the enamel image of a bouquet on the light-blue background. The automaton represents a scene in the boudoir. Metal figures are gold-plated. The activating lever is to the left from the oval lid. Three rings with diamonds of different size in silver framing arranged by steps surrounds the lid. White-and-gold shamrocks on the red background frames  are on the lid welt.  Bouquet of flowers in ornately-shaped rosace surrounded by white-and-gold cinquefoils on red background border is on the bottom side. The snuffbox internal surface is yellow and mirror-polished. The movement is cam-type with a spring drive, musical movement with steel sound teeth, plays one tune. A keyhole is on the internal side of the main lid. The key grip and neck with flat washer and ring are made of bronze, square cross-section rod is made of steel.