Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Box with automaton

    Box with automaton


    End of the 19 century

    Silver, steel, brass, ivory; engraving, guilloche, gilding

    7.4 х 5.4 х 1.2 cm, 130,4 gr

    On the top side ”Ballsaal im Schloßgarten zu Töplitz 1840”

    Box in rectangular silver case, bottom and lateral sides are guilloched. An engraved image of people dancing in a ballroom, equestrians and carriages in the castle garden near Toeplitz with the inscription in German is on the top hinged lid. The inner, mirror polished side of the lid, is gilded. An automaton is fixed on the ivory layer inside the box. It presents a frivolous hunting scene. Figurines are casted from silver with gilding. The curly round button for activating the movement on is to the left. A keyhole is in the bottom of the case. Protrusions for convenience of opening are along the front side of the lid and on the front side of the case. The winding key grip is ornately shaped.