Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    France, Paris


    Silver, steel, brass; engraving, guilloche, granulation, mosaic

    8.5 х 5.2 х 2.6 cm, 295 gr

    Marks on the case: on the left - "A man's head in profile on the left and number "2", on the right "head of satyr", marks : "Number "1", profile of a turtle on the right in the rectangular", "nine images in square (fish, cock,…")

    Music snuffbox in the case made of silver,  gilted, with punched and engraved pattern and mosaic mountainous landscape.  Mosaic miniature is framed with wide floral ornament on the repousse background. The lid internal side and compartment for snuff tobacco under it are mirror-polished. Guilloched field with punched elements of different shape, framed with floral ornament on the repousse field is on the bottom and side panels . Assay and excise marks of silver of 1819-1838 are on the top parts of the lateral sides. Two buttons are on the front side: for music movement switching on and tunes replay cancelling. A keyhole is on the bottom panel. The internal lid closes the music movement that is comprised of rotating program cylinder for two tunes with thin pins and sound comb. The key has a cylindrical grip with screen packing and ring. The key rod is cylindrical with square aperture at the face end. It is supposed that the snuffbox is from L. Baudin's collection (Fl.).