Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox


    circa 1815

    Gold, brass, steel; punch work, guilloche, champleve enamel

    7.1 х 4.9 х 1.8 cm, 136 g

    Letters on the edge: “M” (start) and “S”(stop), on the cylinder: “№ 637”, stamp “Nicole & Meylan a` Genève, lerit”; three marks on the lid internal side

    Gold snuffbox is in the form of a book with gold edge with movement of original construction. Guilloched surface with repeated punched elements “cat’s eye”, framed with wide floral ornament and various blue enamel butterflies is on the top and bottom panels. Vignettes with leaves, flowers and petals of white and green colour and a keyhole are on the spine. Two switching levers are on the book edge: one activates the movement, the other - closes the keyhole with miniature lid with blue enamel and letters that define the position of the  movement switching on and off. The lid internal side and snuff tobacco compartment under it, are mirror-polished, with three marks. The compartment with the movement is closed by a guilloched lid with four screws' heads. Original movement is comprised of rotating programe cylinder of large size with thin pins for one tune, with the item number and master’s mark, and spring-type engine inside, two sound combs with 42 and 21 teeth located at an angle towards each other, and four-petal governor. A winding key with ornately shaped grip decorated with engraving, light-green and blue enamel, and cylindrical,  square cross-section rod. The snuffbox is stored in the box covered with bordeaux leather, finished with metal chain with lock and button.