Items with Musical Movement

French Grand tour Palais Royale music box and necessaire

    French Grand tour Palais Royale music box and necessaire


    Circa 1815

    Gilded bronze, mother-of-pearl, wood, mirror, fabric, ribbon; casting, engraving, chasing, gilding, embroidery

    24.6 х 17.4 х 11.2 cm, 1665 gr

    "MG" on flat bobbins; "9I" on the movement mounting plate


    Necessaire in multifaceted case with the hinged top lid and handles in the form of adjacent dog heads on the lateral sides; stands on the cast metal feet with hooves. The case is decorated by thin gilded bronze embossed bindings and engraved mother-of-pearl inserts. The lid is surmounted by the openwork metal moulding. Keyhole and two music movement control buttons are on the bottom panel. A mirror, framed by the pink textured braid is fixed on the lid inner side. Clipboard, covered with sand-colored velvet, with curly niches is under the lid. Mother-of-pearl needlework accessories are stored inside: thimble, tiny awl, needle-case, small faceted glass bottle, stitching bobbins, etc. - totally 16 items. Two embroided pincushions are to the left and to the right. The clipboard is covered with the embroidered cloth. Music movement with a sound comb and a cylinder for two tunes is mounted on the bottom panel. It is covered by cardboard case with the glazed upper side.