Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird box

    Singing bird box

    Germany, Triberg

    circa 1940

    Karl Griesbaum firm

    Brass, steel, painted feathers; guilloche, chasing, champlevé enamel, enamel over guilloche, painted enamel

    5 х 10.2 х 6.8 cm, 638 gr

    Box with a singing bird in metal case decorated with chased patterns and art enamel. The case top and lateral sides are decorated with chased ornament in combination with champlevé and painted enamel. Enamel image is on the top side: young people are pushing the swings with a sitting girl. The image is framed with white enamel border. The lateral surfaces are decorated with blue transparent enamel inserts of different shapes in white frames. The images of mountain sceneries are in oval frames on the lateral sides. A miniature movement driven by a spring is mounted inside the box. The switching lever is on the front side. An oval lid is in the center of the top panel. When the movement is in motion, the lid hinges up and a bird in bright plumage appears. The bird turns from side to side, flaps its wings, opens and closes its beak. Bird's chirping is heard. After a few seconds the movement stops, and the bird hides. The lid closes. The automaton is created following the scheme, developed in Switzerland in 1895. Cam-controlled with a whistle and bellows.