Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1820

    Joly, Chenevard & Jouvet

    Steel, brass, enamel; champleve enamel, engraving, guilloche, chasing

    8.1 х 5.0 х 2.2 cm, 231 gr

    On the key: "5"; on internal surfaces: "I, I, C" and a crown in vertical lozenge and "18K"; hallmark on the rim in the form of a turned left cock's head. An inscription on the miniature: "Mont Blanc"


    Gold and enamel rectangular music box, the lid with the enamel plaque insert, painted with a view of Mont Blanc and so inscribed, reeded border, the sides and base are engine-turned with a honeycomb and rosette design, the geometric and vine borders picked out in dark blue champleve enamel, the movement playing two tunes. The movement switch is located in the front side lower right corner. The tune switch is in the center of the rear side.The key grip is comprised of two rings connected by a hexagonal plate with the number "5". The rod is conical with a square cross section.

    The history of the firm of Joly, Chenevard & Jouvet: Jean-Louis Joly, son of Gabriel and Philippine Bouvire, was christened in Geneva on 27 November 1757. On 4 February 1797, he married Suzanne Madeleine Chodet and is recorded in the Geneva census of 1797 as bijoutier, chez lui at 102/103 rue de Cendrier, with his wife and baby daughter Suzanne.

    Salomon Chénevard, son of Michel, was born at Peissy on 12 April 1773. He married Jeanne Christine Cambérouse on 13 October 1794. In the census of 1798, he describes himself as bijoutier and his wife as émailleuse, living in the rue de Temple, Geneva.

    Both Joly and Chénevard had been partners in the firm of Roux, Ponçon & Cie., manufacturers of bijouterie, from September 1801 until 1803. They are recorded as entering a first mark in the name of Joly & Chénevard in 1807/8. By 2 November 1815, when this mark was entered from rue de Cendrier 116, they had taken on a younger partner, Pierre Jouvet. In 1820, Joly became commanditaire and the firm styled Chénevard, Jouvet & Cie. On Joly's full retirement in 1824, his place was taken by Jouvet's wife, Jacqueline Etienette Guidon, daughter of Joseph Guidon, former associate of the celebrated gold box maker Jean-George Rémond.