Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Matchbox with automaton

    Matchbox with automaton



    Gilded metal, steel, metal; guilloche, gilding, presswork, silver plating

    5.8 х 3.3 х 1.6 cm, 110 g

    Hallmarks: "3356" inside the lid. On the stripe "BROCK and COMPANY", "JEWELERS", "LOS ANGELES".

    Matchbox in rectangular case made of white metal with round button on the front side. The upper and bottom sides are guilloched by double lines, each comprised of five wavy lines. The front, right and rear sides are smooth, the left one - with the cross grooving. A flat hinged lid covering the automaton is on the top side. A compartment for matches with a concealed lid is on the right side. Both lids are opened by pressing the button. Simultaneously the automaton demonstrates the frivolous scene in the boudoir of the 18th century. The details of the automaton are executed from thin presswoked metal with local gilding and silver plating. The movement spring is winded when the lid is closed. A cloth cover with the embroidered inscription on the stripe is used the matchbox storage.