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Snuffbox with timepiece insert in Louis XVI style

    Snuffbox with timepiece insert in Louis XVI style

    Switzerland and France, Geneve, movement - Paris

    circa 1805

    Piguet & Capt, Lechopié

    Silver, gold, diamonds, steel, glass; guilloche, enamel over guilloche, gem stones' setting

    Height 3.2 cm; width 7.4 cm; depth 4.5 cm, 144 g

    Manufacturer's mark inside the case: Piguet & Capt: "PC", marks, numbers inscriptions on the lids inner sides and edges: two marks of Royal trefoil, two marks for 18K gold in the form of an eagle's head, lion profile, a mark in the form of rhinoceros, "2", "0 35 83", "X ..."; on the watch movement: "Lechopié A PARIS"


    Snuffbox with timepiece insert in Louis XVI style in an oval gold case with two lids. The top lid opens access to the clock movement and open balance, the lower one - to the snuff tobacco compartment. An onlayed floral ornament of three-coloured gold and oval silver inserts with a vertical guilloche, covered with transparent enamel of gray-steel color in the frame of rose cut diamonds are on the top panel of the lid, side and bottom surfaces. There are three round apertures with bulging glass on the lid. An open balance is in the central one, the clock dial with the seconds graduations with black Arabic numerals and one hand are in the left one, a dial with hours graduations with Roman numerals and minutes with Arabic numerals with two hands decorated with diamonds are in the right one. A winding key with a grip comprised of two rings and a cylindrical rod with a square cross-section.