Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Jean-Georges Rémond & Company

    Gold, pearl, brass, steel; guilloched work, painted enamel, engraving, champleve enamel

    8 х 2.1 х 5.2 cm, 191 gr

    Master's mark: "IGR” in lozenge; plate-mark in the form of letter "R” in circle


    Delicate and rare music snuffbox in gold case with punched and engraved ornament and painted scene of tender mother love performed with polychrome painted enamel. The miniature is in double frame of pearl halves and punched ornament. The lid  internal side and compartment for snuff tobacco located under it, are mirror-polished with plate-mark of Geneva of 1809-1814 and master’s mark in the form of "IGR” letters in lozenge. Guilloched field with punched elements framed with floral ornament with blue champleve enamel is on the bottom and side panels. Fixing screws heads are on the front and rear sides. The button for music movement switching on is located on the right side. A winding hole and two fixing screws' heads are on the bottom panel. The internal lid covers the music movement that consists of a rotating programe cylinder for one tune with thin pins, a sound comb and a governor. Key with ornately shaped grip, cylindrical neck and square rod.