Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box


    circa 1950

    Silver, gilded bronze, brass, steel, copper; gilding, engraving, chasing, blueing

    13.5 х 9 х 5 cm, 786 gr

    On the bottom side frame: "925"


    Box in gilded silver case is made in the form of an album for photos and business cards. The spine of the album, the upper and lower lids are decorated with chiselled floral ornament and engraved with the inclusion of geometric elements. The lateral sides are in the form of book edge. The top lid has an open-work onlay in the form of a floral frame and is made of gilded copper. An open-work yellow metal onlay on dark background  is inside the frame. The onlays are fastened by threaded pins with blind nuts in the form of flower heads. The upper lid is locked with two open-work fasteners from white metal. The angle brackets for fixing the winding key are on the inner surface of the lid. Two open work onlays from gilded metal with floral ornaments are fastened with screws on the spine with smooth hemispherical heads. The top lid is hinged. There is compartment for cards under it. Chiselled and gilded plate with oval bars in its center serves as the bottom of the compartment. Music movement with a cylinder and a sound comb performing two tunes is under the plate. The movement is activated when the lid is opened. A winding hole is on the case bottom. The winding key with rhombic grip is of white metal.