Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1915

    Jean-Georges Rémond & Company

    Gold, brass, steel; guilloche, champlevé enamel, enamel over guilloche, coloured enamels painting

    1.2 х 6.6 х 5.5 cm, 108 gr

    In oval: "PC","R"; Geneve mark for gold; "G"


    Elegant music snuffbox in gold case in the form of a purse (satchel) with ribbed side surface, with enamel-painted and embossed patterns. Guilloched field covered with semi-translucent green enamel, framed by wide chiselled border with ornament made of flowers, buds and leaves of white, blue and gold colors on turquoise background is on the top panel. A picturesque composition depicting flowers and leaves on blue background, made of polychrome painted enamel, and chiselled floral ornament in the form of ribbons, bows and medallion with a flower vase is on the hinged lid. The inner side of the lid and located beneath it compartment for snuff tobacco are mirror-polished. Guilloched field covered with transparent green enamel, bordered with chiselled ornamented frame and a keyhole are on the bottom panel. A lever for switching on the music movement is on the left lateral side. The inner lid covers very subtle music movement, that is comprised of the winding spring and programme disc with thin vertical pins and sound teeth. Three hallmarks are on the lid inner side. Cylinder keygrip knurled, with square cross section rod.