Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Germany, Hanau?

    circa 1820

    Gold, brass, steel, leather; engraving, guilloched work, painted enamel, punch work

    7.8 х 4.8 х 2.8 cm, 221 gr

    Master's mark: “HW&C” on the shield; mark in the form of quatrefoil in circle, illegible mark with arc on the bottom rim

    Rectangalar golden snuffbox with rounded vertical ribs, decorated with punched and engraved ornament. A painted scene of village holiday with musicians and dancing people performed in painted polychrom enamel  is on the top lid . The miniature is framed by punched ornament. The lid internal surface and tobacco compartment located under it are mirror-polished, with tree illegible marks. Guilloched field with punched elements framed by flowers and floral ornament is on the bottom and side panels. Two fixing screws' heads are on the front and rear sides. The movement activating lever is on the right side. A keyhole is on the bottom panel. The internal lid closes the movement, consistinf of a rotating programme cylinder for one tune with thin pins, sound comb and a governor. The winding key grip is comprised of two rings and a square cross-section cylindrical rod. The snuffox is stored in a cardboard case covered with bordeaux leather with two rim locks. It is pasted with light cloth inside. A frame of golden colour lilies ornament is on the lid.