Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Western Europe

    19th century

    Silver, steel, brass; engraving, casting, gilding, enamel

    10.1 х 7.3 х 4.2 cm, 622 gr


    Music box in silver gilded case with rounded vertical ribs and a hinged top lid. A rectangular window with rounded corners on the top side is surrounded with engraved ornament of leaves. An engraved panel with a regular pattern of leaves and divergent rays underneath transparent light blue enamel is inside it. A lacquered mahogany insert is inside the lid. The lid welt and the adjacent part of the case are covered with vertical strokes. Part of the space under the cover is occupied by a rectangular deepening with rounded corners. The chased rays diverge from its center. The lateral surfaces are decorated with ornaments of laurel wreaths. Two convex shiny buttons are on the front side. The left one is for turning on the musical movement with a cylinder and a sound comb, the right - switches the tunes. The bottom surface is ornated with engraving in combination with chasing rays coming from the center. The spring lock pin holds the winding key with a curved cast grip made of curls. A cardboard case with a removable lid is covered with a cloth repeating the colour of transparent enamel.