Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Western Europe

    19th century

    Silver, steel, brass; engraving, casting, enamel

    12.6 х 10.6 х 5.2 cm, 1066 gr

    On the movement mounting plate an image of an anchor with a rope and letters "J" and "C" on the sides, and number "270".


    Music box in silver gilded case in the form of a book. The book's backbone, the upper and lower covers of the binding are decorated with engraved ornaments, and are limited along the perimeter by cast rows of small peas. Oval openwork silver engraved medallions are on the top cover and the backbone. The lateral sides are in the shape of a book-cut. An aperture for a winding key is in the bottom side. A recessed panel of the musical movement with an oval window in the center, covered with a delicate silver engraved grating is under the top cover. A cylinder musical movement with a sound comb for four tunes, that are switched automatically is under the lattice. Music starts playing when the cover is opened. Silver engraved winding key with a curved grip is fixed by clips on the inner, richly engraved surface of the top lid. The cardboard case with a removable upper cover is covered with a marine-coloured cloth.