Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1820

    Bruguier senior Charles-Abraham

    Gold, steel, bronze, tortoiseshell, velvet; punch work, casting

    8.8 х 5.7 х 3.35 cm, 237 gr

    On program cylinder “Bruguier—London”. On the lid internal side: "DESOUTTER”, “4, HANOVER STREET, LONDON.W.” On the key plate - "3" in hexagonal frame.

    Rectangular snuffbox in tortoiseshell case with rounded corners and a hinged lid. A gold plaque in rococo style with bass-relief image of five musicians in vignette is on the lid. The plaque is closed by a glass in golden frame. The lid edge is bordred metal rim with volumetric ornamented gold onlay on the front side. The case bottom is finished with narrow red metal rim. A keyhole is located in the bottom side. A button for he movement activating is in the bottom, for tunes selection - in the rear side. The movement with cylinder and sound comb performs two tunes. One of the tunes is 'GOD SAVE THE KING'. The movement is closed by the stepped bottom. The set consists of a winding key with the grip comprised of two rings connected by ornately shaped plate, and conical steel rod with square cross-section. The snuffbox is stored wooden box. It is covered with red embossed leather from outside and with light sateen and velvet from inside. Gold embossed pattern is along the perimeter of the lid. The box is locked with the hook and the lug. The key is stored in the box bottom.