Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1840

    Miniature author is Horace Vernet

    Brass, steel, paper; engraving, punch work, art, champleve enamel

    9.1 х 6.1 х 3.0 cm, 454 gr

    Rectangular snuffbox in golden case with rounded corners and a hinged lid. A gouache on paper image of armed knights in eastern clothes on the background of palms and minarets painted by is on the upper side. The author of a miniature is a French artist Horace Vernet. The image is placed under the glass in narrow rectangular gold punched frame. The punched pattern with transparent orange filling and non-transparent light-green filling, and white enamel. A keyhole is in one of the ornament curls. Sliding levers for movement control are located on the front side. The right one activates the movement, the left one - changes the tunes. Cylinder movement with sound comb, plays two tunes. The snuffbox is stored in wooden box covered with brown chamois leather from outside, decorated with light sateen and velvet inside. The floral enamel ornament is light-green, white, blue and red colours. The sides are decorated with punched floral and graphical ornament, painted with transparent red and orange enamel, and non-transparent blue, light-green and white enamel.