Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box "Grace Darling"

    Music box "Grace Darling"

    Great Britain

    The 1840s

    Silver, steel, brass, tortoise shell, wood; grinding, polishing, punching, sawing

    24.5 х 10. 2х 13 cm, 533 gr

    On the case: “Grace Darling”, on the mowement: «7045», on the sticker: “MUSIQUE”, “3 AIRS”, “1. Baby”, “All in a Row”, “The Ship I Love”, "r33”


    Rare tortoiseshell music box finished with silver was created in commemoration of a national heroic deed of Victorian epoch. Grace Darling saved the survived passengers of a sinking steamboat “Fortafshir” together with her father William Darling on September 7, 1838. The box is made in the form of a fishing boat mounted on the stand decorated with silver molding resembling sea waves. The board sides and the sharp end are edged with silver strips. Music movement compartment  is covered with a hinged lid with two silver onlays in the form of stylized lighthouses, a paper sticker inside. Artistic vignettes with floral and heraldic ornament, ribbons with inscriptions and hand written list of melodies are on the sticker. The boat name and movement activation knob, as well as switching or stopping the tunes lever are on the boat stern. Two oars with brass, wood and tortoiseshell elements are fixed on both boards in the brass oar locks in front of the movement's compartment. A winding hole is in the left stem side. The music movement consists of a cylinder for three tunes and a sound comb with 58 teeth, a replay switch and activating button. The key is of yellow metal with round grip with an aperture and a steel rod, with a square cross-section at the end.