Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Turtle-shaped singing bird automaton

    Turtle-shaped singing bird automaton


    First half of the 20th century

    J. Kurz & Co.

    Silver, steel, brass, feathers; casting, chasing

    7 х 20 х 10 сm, 695 g

    On the belly left side: "925", German silver marks in the form half moon and a crown; maker's mark “J K” with a swan between letters


    Turtle-shaped automaton in silver hull, with the head, tail and four feet, with embossed work that imitates a tortoise shell surface. An oval aperture with a singing bird inside and a hinged lid are on the tortoise shell top. An aperture for the bird's movement winding, German silver stamps, the master's mark and four screw heads are on the turtle’s belly. A rod for activation of the bird’s movement is on the rear side. When the movement is activated, the turtle's head moves, the lid opens and miniature bird in painted feathers turns in place, flaps its wings, waves its tail, opens and closes its beak. The sound movement imitates a bird’s chirping. When the program finishes, the bird hides in the groove in the openwork silver lattice and the lid closes.