Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Italy, Venice

    Mid-20th century

    Silver, steel, painted feathers, brass, fabric, transparent gem stones; gilding, guilloche, engraving, gem stones setting

    10.2 х 14.3 х 17.2 cm, 1612 gr


    Box in gilded silver case, made in the form of miniature grand piano, standing on three feet. The pedals' bracket arm is in the shape of a lyre with strings. The lateral sides, the front side and the lid are decorated with white enamel panels in thin chased binding. Massive reinforced cast ornamental plates are fixed on the panels. They are decorated with small pearls and transparent cabochons of different colours - from orange to dark red, all are fixed in massive cups. Grad piano keys are covered with ornately shaped lid decorated with engraved floral ornament. The upper cover of the grand piano rises and gives access to the internal space of the box, that is decorated with fine engraved lattice. Below the case is closed with thin plate covered with red cloth. Foldable winding key is fixed on the bottom. Fixing screws' heads are made in the form of flowers. Music movement is with cylinder and sound comb plays two tunes, that follow one after another. The music starts playing when the keyboard lid is opened. The keys are made from the thick wire and painted with white and black enamel.