Items with Musical Movement

Music necessaire

    Music necessaire



    Bronze, mother-of-pearl, wood, velvet, cardboard, glass, steel; punch work, engraving, gold plating, soldering

    35 х 18.6 х 18.6 cm, 1190 g

    On the key grip "2" in hexagonal frame.

    Music necessaire with the objects for needlework with music movement is made in the form of a wind mill. A square pedestal, an octagonal drum with a tent roof is in its center. It supports the rotating part of the mill that is in the shape of a house with two-sided roof. A keyhole is on the front of the rotating part, under the axis of the wind mill. Four sweeps are made of soldered wire framework and are covered by a fine metal mesh. A small window is in the left wall; a porch with stairs is on the rear side, two protruding levers for activating the movement are below. All surfaces of the mill are finished with mother-of-pearl plates in thin metal binding. he plates are decorated with a thin engraved floral ornament. A wooden drawer with pearl items for needlework – thimbles, pricker, encase for needles, small brush, facetted glasss scent bottle and others, totally there are 12 objects is in the pedestal. A cardboard insert covered by grey velvet with shaped lodgements for each item is inside the drawer. The wind mill is fixed on four feet located at the corners and shaped as lion’s paws. A winding key is in the set.