Pocket Watches

Hunter case presentation mechanical pocket watch "La Pavlovna"

    Hunter case presentation mechanical pocket watch "La Pavlovna"

    Switzerland, Geneva


    Gold, gold, diamonds, steel, glass, enamel, leather, velvet, fabric (satin); engraving, polishing, gem stones setting

    Diameter 5.1 cm

    On the lid inner side: “A M. Adolphe Dupuis. Souvenir de S.A.I. Mme la Grande Duchesse Hne Pavolovna. St Petersbourg 1866”. On the cuvette: “No 19686 Patek Philippe & Co”. On the lids inner sides: «18 В»; identification numbers "19686", "86"


    Hunter case pocket mechanical in a polished round gold case, with three lids, a crown with a pendant, a crown with a Maltese cross, decorated with diamonds of different sizes is on the top lid. The fixing elements and number "86" are on the lid inner side. White enamel dial with hours designation with Roman numerals, minute divisions and two Breguet blued steel hands and a small watch dial with Arabic numerals and one hand. There is a relief monogram with stylized letters "AD" from rose gold; an engraved dedicatory inscription is on the lid inner side: "A MC Adolphe Dupuis, Souvenir de S.A.I. Mme la Grande Duchesse The Pavlovna. 18B 19686 St Petersburg 1866. Number "19686" is on the cuvette. Lever escapement, five bridges, a regulator with an arrow, a scale and inscriptions: "AVANCE", "RETARD". The watch is stored in a brown leather case with a hinged lid and a button, covered with green velvet inside; the lid is covered with white satin inside.

    The watch is a gift of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna, nee Princess of Wurttemberg Frederick Charlotte Maria (1807-1873), Married to the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich (1798-1849), the son of Emperor Paul I, in 1824, to Mr. Adolphe Dupuis - a first-rate French actor (1824 - 1891). Dupuis served in the Com?die Fran?aise and Gymnase theatres. On the St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky stage Dupuis served for 17 years (1860 - 1877), occupying an outstanding position in the troupe.