Pocket Watches

Carillon minute repeating and chronograph pocket watch

    Carillon minute repeating and chronograph pocket watch

    Switzerland, Le Locle

    Circa 1900

    H. Barbezat-Bole

    Gold, steel, steel, glass, enamel; engraving, polishing

    Diameter 5.6 cm, 133 gr

    Swiss mark for gold in the form of a woman's head on the shield: “0,750”, “3153”; master's mark in the form of a Swiss cross with four hammers. On the cuvette: “H. Barbezat-Bole, Fabricant d'Horlogerie, Locle, Suisse, “No. 3153”, “REPETITION A MINUTES”, “Chronograph”, “CARILLON 4 MARTEAUX”, “BREVET 11948”, “Escapement Ancre Lev?es Visibles”, “ Spiral Breguet Double Plateau”, “Balancier Compensateur”, “33 RUBIS”. The patent number on the movement below the Swiss cross: 11948. The inscription above: "BREVETTE". On the regulator scale: “Avance”, “Retard”


    Hunter case carillon minute repeating chronograph keyless lever watch with gilt-finished lever movement, 33 jewels, bimetallic compensation balance, carillon repeating on four polished steel hammers onto four gongs, gold cuvette, white enamel dial with Arabic numerals, Arabic five-minutes' divisions, subsidiary seconds, in circular plain case with the engraved initials, repeating slide and chronograph button in the band, cuvette signed and numbered, case numbered. The watch is fitted with carillon repeating mechanism, more complicated than the "normal" quarter or minute repeating function. The quarter hours of the watch strike on four hammers onto four gongs as opposed to the common two hammers and two gongs. Henri Barbezat-Bôle (1851-1921), founder of H. Barbezat-Bôle SA Le Locle, was specialising in manufacturing pocket watches, marine chronometers and repeating watches. He was the brother of Barbezat-Baillot, owner of Le Phare. Circa 1929 1929 Barbezat-Bôle SA joined Paul Buhré and became Paul Buhré & Henri Barbezat-Bôle SA.