Pocket Watches

Shield-shaped pendant watch in authentic box

    Shield-shaped pendant watch in authentic box

    Russia, St Petersburg

    Last quarter of the 19th century

    Maker J. Liebermann

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys, diamonds, rubies; casting, presswork, embossing, engraving, painted enamel, champlevé enamel

    5.5 x 2.6 x 0.9 cm

    The dial is signed "J-LIEBERMANN / ST.PETERSBOURG". Marks on the case: "IG" (?); St Petersburg city mark with alloy "56". Running along the edge of the rear lid is white enamel ribbon with the inscription from small diamonds: "To A.A. VARSHAVSKAYA" in the upper part; below the coronet is white enamelled schield with onlay monogram of Emperor Alexander III (AIII). Inside the case, executed in small diamonds are the dates "1874" and "1876"


    This pendant watch was presented by the Orenburg Railway Company to Mrs. A.A. Varshavskaya and could be commemorating the completion of the railway line connecting Orenburg and Samara (1874-1876). Such pendants were presented to shareholders or investors of the railway company as a "wearable sign" allowing their holders free access to the services of the respective railway line.

    The movement with balance wheel, spring-powered cylinder escapement, hands indicating hours and minutes, and remontoir.