Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with minute repeater and automaton

    Pocket watch with minute repeater and automaton

    Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds

    Circa 1890

    Paul Jeannot

    Gold, brass, steel, glass; engraving, chasing, gilding

    Diameter 51 mm, 253 gr

    On the inner sides of the lids: "3418", "96", "2796", "AE", "PAUL JEANNOT GENEVE 18K"; Swiss marks for gold in the form of a woman's head on the shield; on cuvette: "№2796", "A.DUROMUNN MEXICO", "AUTOMATE", «REPETITION A MINUTES ECHAPPEMENT A ANCRE LIGNE DROITE LEVEES VISIBLES SPIRAL PALLADIUM BREGUET", "Nickel Double Plateau", "31 RUBINS FINS", "Balancier Compensateur"; on cuvette: "3418", "К18", "2796"; scratched "5057", "5340", "5068"


    Hunter case minute repeating watch with automaton, nickel lever movement, jewelled throughout, bi-metallic compensation balance, repeating on two polished coiled gongs, glazed inner cuvette, signed and numbered outer cuvette, silvered chapter ring, roman numerals interspersed with applied gold floral decoration, subsidiary seconds, blue enamel centre with polychrome depiction of a blacksmith's fire, two automata blacksmith's striking the anvil in time with the repeating mechanism, finely engraved three colour gold foliate decorated case, repeating slide in the band.