Pocket Watches

Pocket watch with cylinder music movement

    Pocket watch with cylinder music movement

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1870

    Mermod Freres

    Metal, brass, steel, glass, nickel, enamel; presswork, painted enamel

    Diameter 7 cm, 200gr

    On the dial: “REVEIL”, “Acier Garanti 1408”; on the movement: “3G Brevete S.G.D.E. 1408”


    Open face watch in dark metal case with three lids. There are inscriptions, hallmarks and numbers on the lids' inner sides. The dial is covered with a removable lid with glass, white enamel dial with polychrome enamel floral ornament, with hours graduation in Roman numerals with golden dots between them, minutes' graduation by Arabic numerals, an arrow showing the direction of setting the alarm clock, hour and minute hands and an open regulator indicator. The alarm button and the lever for switching the watch, winding and the hands setting are on the welt. The inscriptions and numbers are on the cuvette inner side. The watch movement is nickel plated, with a regulator, with a programmed cylinder with pins and a steel sound comb with 25 teeth.

    The company Mermod Freres, founded in 1816 by the brothers Gustave Alfred, Louis Phillipe, Leon Marcel Mermod, manufactured cylinder and disc music cases and boxes, watches with music movement, characterized by good sound. The company existed until 1889 and was reborn as Mermod Freres SA, a subsidiary of Reuge SA.