Pocket Watches

Quarter repeating pocket watch with automaton

    Quarter repeating pocket watch with automaton

    Switzerland, Geneve

    Circa 1880

    Gold, brass, steel, glass, leather; guilloche, engraving, enamel, painted enamel, silvering

    Diameter 5 cm, 123 gr

    On the lids: «18К», «31084», Swiss hallmark ”HELVETIA”. Inside the watch case: "Lorenz Ewald Uhren, Gold - & Silberwaren optische Artikel Lohr a.M."


    Gentleman's fine, heavy quarter repeating pocket watch with the hidden automaton. The upper and lower lids are decorated with circular guilloche pattern "barley grain". Smooth engraved cartouche in round rosette is on the top lid center. Swiss marks for gold and identification mark are on mirror-polished inner sides of all lids. White enamel dial with Roman numerals and minutes' graduation, with two black central hands; small seconds' dial with Arabic numerals and seconds' graduation is on the dial bottom. The crown and pendulum are on the right side in the rim, lever for the hands setting is below it. The automaton with frivolous hunting scene is hidden under the cuvette. The main plate with the painted enamel figures is fixed on silver field with engraved image of a dog over the bushes, trees and swamp. The repeater and automaton sliding switches are on the body smooth rim. The clock is stored in brown leather case on sand coloured velvet lodgement.