Pocket Watches

Commemorative Victor Pocket Watch

    Commemorative Victor Pocket Watch



    Metal, glass; presswork, polishing

    Diameter 5 cm

    On the dial: "Victor", "His Master's Voice", "Rec. U.S. Pat. Off ", on the movement:" MADE IN U.S.A. ", near the scale:" S "and "F"


    Pocket watch, open face, in a polished metal case with a convex glass, removable lid, winding crown with knurl and pendant. Yellow cantered dial with hours marked by Roman numbers, minute graduations and two golden hands. An image of a well-known trademark with the words "His Master's Voice" is in the center. It was put on all gramophone records and gramophones produced by the Victor Talking Machine Company and RCA-Victor. The clock movement with verge escapement, a spring mechanism, an escapement regulator with a hand and a scale. The movement is fixed in the case by a flat spring. Eldridge Johnson (1867-1945) and Emil Berliner (1851-1929) founded the company Victor Talking Machine Company (Victor). The company officially began its work on October 3, 1901. The image of a fox terrier named Nipper, listening to "his master's voice", recorded on a plate produced by "Berliner Gramophone" was its trademark. Victor Talking Machine Company bought the company Berliner Gramophone in 1924. Radio Corporation of America (RCA) acquired the largest producer of gramophones and recordings - Victor Talking Machine Company. It acquired the right to use the famous trademark His Master's Voice as well. The company became known as RCA-Victor.