Pocket Watches

Minute repeater and automaton pocket watch "Bear Hunt"

    Minute repeater and automaton pocket watch "Bear Hunt"

    Switzerland, Russia

    Circa 1910

    Paul Buhre firm

    Gold, steel, rhodium; engraving, guilloche, painted enamel, champlevé enamel

    Diameter 6.35 cm, 250 gr

    On the dial: "Paul Buhre.", on the inner cover: "Paul Buhre", "Horloger de la Marine Impériale", "Pétersburg". Gold stamps of Switzerland and Russia: a woman's head on a shield "Helvetia", a woman's head profile looking left in a hexagon, "0.750" in a rectangle with bevelled corners; factory number "13761"


    Pocket watch, mechanical, in an artistically decorated round gold case, with three lids, crown with ring, minute repeater and automaton.

    The enamel image of a bear hunt in winter coniferous forest is depicted on the upper flip-top lid. A bear standing on its hind legs and two hunters -- one with a forked club, the other -- with a rifle are in the foreground; two hunters with rifles are in the background. The image is framed by a strip of gold enamel with floral decoration in red and blue enamel. The inner polished side of the lid is branded. Rosette with a rose-cut diamond in the double frame of black enamel and polished gold is in the center of the flower with red hollowed enamel petals is depicted on the rear lid with the same framed field of royal blue enamel on guilloche surface. Two sailors hammering on a bell when the repeater is switched on are on the dial field. White enamel dial with the inscription "Pavel Buhre.", hours’ designation with Arabic numerals, minute divisions and two gold ornately-shaped hands is in the center. Below the small dial of the stopwatch with the designation after ten seconds by Arabic numerals and one hand, below -- nautical attributes: anchor, caduceus, trident, compass, helm and telescope. A switch for winding the watch and adjusting hands is on the bezel; a repeater switch is on the side surface. On the polished inner lid in a medallion with chased frames is the engraved inscription: "Paul Buhre", "Horloger de la Marine Impériale", "Pétersburg". Under the lid is a painted enamel automaton with a frivolous scene. Rhodium-plated movement with bimetallic compensating balance, straight escapement with regulator indicator, 29 jewels and gong minute repeater.