Pocket Watches

Mechanical pocket watch with a minute repeater

    Mechanical pocket watch with a minute repeater

    Switzerland, Russia (assembly)


    Firm "Paul Buhre"

    Gold, glass, metal alloys; painted enamel, engraving

    Diameter - 5.3 cm; case thickness - 1.5 cm

    Inscription on the dial - "ПАВЕЛЪ БУРЕ / С.-ПЕТЕРБУРГЪ И МОСКВА". An engraved inscription on the movement: "Павелъ Буре". Marks on the case lids and on the movement: "Гельвеция", "К18", "4694". On Remontoir - the stamp "squirrel"


    Mechanical pocket watch in smooth round gold case, with three lids, a crown (winder), with a ring and a lever for descending the repeater (on the watch case). The enamel monogram "JT" is on the upper lid. It is made in red and blue colors. The lid of the case is smooth and free of decoration. There is an engraved inscription on the lid of the movement: "Павелъ Буре поставщикъ Двора Его Величества No 4694". White enamel dial with black hour scale marks. Hands are golden (hour, minute and second hands), the hands on the small dial are of blued steel. Two scales are on the dial: the minute one, which is divided into 60 graduations with Arabic numerals, hours' scale with 12 graduations and Roman numerals, and a small second dial with Arabic numerals. The movement with balance wheel on jewels with anchor escapement, spring mechanism, minute repeater device on gongs and Remontoir (device for winding).