Pocket Watches

Buhre lady’s gold pocket watch

    Buhre lady’s gold pocket watch

    Switzerland, Russia

    Circa 1910

    Paul Buhre firm

    Gold, gold, metal, glass, enamel; engraving, polishing

    Diameter 3.42 cm, 42 gr

    On the dial: "Павел Буре", "Ст. Петербургъ и Москва", on the cuvette: "Павелъ Буре", "Ст Петербургъ и Москва". On the lids inner sides: Swiss and Russian marks for gold: woman's head on a shield “Helvetia”, the woman's head left profile in the hexagon, "К18"; identification number "2950", numbers "50" and "72"


    Mechanical pocket watch in polished round gold case, with two lids, crown with ring. The onlay relief monogram with stylized letters "ER" made of rose gold is on the top lid. Marks are on the lid inner side. White enamel dial with the inscription in Crillic, the designation of hours with Roman numerals, minutes' divisions, two Breguet blued steel hands and small chronograph dial with Arabic numerals and one hand are under the lid. Three marks and number "2950" are on the rear lid inner side. A switch of the watch mode and hands' setting is on the rim inner side. A button that opens the lid, protected from accidental pressing, is on the rim external side. The watch movement with lever escapement, a regulator with an arrow and a scale.