Pocket Watches

Mechanical pocket watch with a quarter repeater

    Mechanical pocket watch with a quarter repeater


    Сirca 1820

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; engraving

    5.7 cm in diamter, 1.1. cm thick

    On the case lid: "IG", "570"


    Music mechanical pocket watch in round gold case with corrugation, with two lids, a repeater lever in the shape of a hub with a ring. The case's lid is smooth. Cuvette with engraved markings around the winding apertures (for the music movement - music stand with notes; for the watch - a coiled up snake; and for the hands setting - arrows).

    White enameled; numbers and graduations of the hours scale are black, and the hands are from blue-finished steel with gilded tips. The dial has two scales; minutes, divided into 60 graduations, and the hours, divided into 12 graduations with Arabic numbers.

    The movement has a balance wheel, spring-powered cylinder escapement, a quarter repeater on two gongs, a separate cylinder drum for the music movement and a comb. The watch is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands.

    The watch is stored in wooden box inscribed, "W. SCOLNIK WATCHES / NEW YORK CITY".