Pocket Watches

Quarter repeating pocket watch

    Quarter repeating pocket watch

    Britain, London

    Сirca 1730

    C. Cabrier

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; embossing, engraving, stamping

    4.5 cm in diameter
    1.9 cm thick

    The movement is inscribed: "Cabrier"


    Mechanical “onion” pocket watch in gold case, with the repeater lever in the shape of a hub with ring. The case is decorated with the embossed composition of a mandolin-playing girl at the front and a man in the background who accompanies her playing a horn. The composition is framed with rocaille ornament with putti at the top and a dog with its head turned backwards below, and a pierced ornament of shells and leaves along the edge. Gold open-work cuvette is decorated with floral motive and birds.
    White enamel dial; the numerals of the hours scale are black, and the hands are from gold. The dail has two scales: the minutes' scale is divided into 60 graduations and the hours' scale has twelve units with Roman numerals.

    The movement with balance wheel, verge escapement, mainspring with fusee, a quarter repeater, and indication of hours and minutes. The watch is key winded, the same key is used to set the hands.