Pocket Watches

Music pocket watch with quarter repeater

    Music pocket watch with quarter repeater

    France, Paris

    circa 1820


    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys, turquoise; mmbossing, guilloche, champlevé, engraving

    Watch: 6.2 cm in diamter
    1.0 cm thick
    Fobs: 4.5 cm high, 3.3 cm long, 2.7 cm thick.
    Key: 5.5 cm long, 3.2 cm high, 0.6 cm thick.
    Chain: 182 cm long

    Inscription on the watch face: "MORATEUR".

      Set of two pocket watches, two fobs, one key and a chain in a branded oval-shaped wood and red leather box with a letter “M” embossed in the centre of the lid.

    Mechanical pocket watch in a guilloche-adorned round gold case, with three lids, a repeater lever, which is a sliding pin with a ring. The upper lid and the case lid are decorated with guilloche edged with a symbolic floral pattern. The movement's lid is engraved, "Fx, Foucaud A PARIS REPETITION, ECHAPT. A CYLINDRE, 4 TROUS EN PIERRE".

    White enamel dial; numerals and graduations of the hour scale are black and the Breguet hands are gold. Two scales on the dial: minutes' - divided into 60 intervals, and hours' - divided into 12 units with Roman numerals.

    The movement with a balance wheel, spring-powered cylinder escapement, a quarter repeater on two gongs, a separate barrel drum for the music movement and comb with steel teeth (reeds). The music is played every hour or is chosen with the help of the sliding lever located on the case, opposite numeral VIII. The watch is winded with a key, which is also used to set the hands.

    The watch comes with a chain.

    The fobs are a pair, gold, with a 2-piece handle in the shape of a ring expanding downwards and decorated with an enamel floral wreath. Inside there is A pin with four pink glass pieces crowned with a ring which winds the innner music movement consisting of a barrel a comb with steel teeth (reeds) is inside. The bottom is smooth.

     Oval golden key, with floral decoration, complemented by turquoise inserts. Music movement is inside the key; it is winded by a hidden rod, ending with a ring.