Pocket Watches

Presentation mechanical pocket watch

    Presentation mechanical pocket watch

    Switzerland, Russian (assembly)


    Paul Buhre firm

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; guilloche, engraving, enamel over engraving

    4.8 cm in diamter
    0.7 cm thick

    The case, remontoir and covers are marked with "squirrel". On the case and movement lids numbers: "251725", "0.583"


    Mechanical pocket watch in smooth round gold case, with two lids, ring and winding crown. The case lid bears the enamelled image over guilloche background of the small National Emblem of the Russian Empire: two-headed eagle with three coronets and flaunting ribbons of the St. Andrew Order in blue enamel, the eagle is holding a sceptre and orb in his claws. The movement lid is inscribed, “Pavel Bure [Paul Buhre], supplier of His Majesty Court No 251725".

    White enamel dial; numerals and graduations of the hours' scale are black, and the hands are gilded. Three scales are on the dial: minutes' - divided into 60 intervals by Arabic numerals; hours' - divided into 12 units by Roman numerals, and small seconds' dial - with Arabic numerals.

    The watch with balance wheel, spring-powered lever escapement, and hands indicating hours, minutes and seconds, with remontoir.


    The watch is a gift from the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty.