Pocket Watches

Presentation mechanical pocket watch

    Presentation mechanical pocket watch

    Switzerland, Russian (assembly)


    Firm "Paul Buhre"

    Gold, enamel, glass, metal alloys; guilloche, engraving, enamel over engraving

    4.8 cm in diamter
    0.7 cm thick

    The case, remontoir and covers are marked with "squirrel". On the case and movement lids numbers: "251725", "0.583"


    Mechanical pocket watch in smooth round gold case, with two lids, a ring and a winding crown. The case's lid bears an enamelled image over guilloche background of the Small National Emblem of the Russian Empire: a double-headed eagle with three coronets and flowing ribbons of the Order of St Andrew in blue enamel, the eagle is holding a sceptre and orb in his claws. The movement lid is inscribed, “Pavel Bure [Paul Buhre], supplier of His Majesty Court No 251725".

    White enamel dial; numerals and graduations of the hours' scale are black, and the hands are gilded. Three scales on the dial: minutes' - divided into 60 intervals with Arabic numerals; hours' - divided into 12 units with Roman numerals, and a small seconds' dial - with Arabic numerals.

    The watch with a balance wheel, spring-powered anchor escapement, and hands indicating hours, minutes and seconds, with a remontoir.


    The watch is a gift from the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty.